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Cantori side by side with Toscana Endurance Lifetyle 2017 ::: 30.06.2017
Cantori side by side with Toscana Endurance Lifetyle 2017

Elegance, style, predilection and attention to detail are certainly the key words that connect Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 and its refined Official Sponsor Cantori.

The Cantori company was born of the talent, the extraordinary manual abilities and the passion of the members of Cantori family, true artists who represent the best of the Made in Italy furniture.

Without doubt the collection “Twist armchairs and sofas” highlights the excellence of the company, born of the idea of creating an object, having a very impacting and elegant image. The elegance given by a delicate and modern trait is meant to give our business the edge, especially in a moment where our company is open more than ever to the foreign markets. Observing a shoe shop window in an airport lounge came into existence the idea of “dressing” the metal framework of the sofa and armchair with twisted nubuk stripes, creating a unique light and shade effect, very difficult to imitate. For the metal framework was propose the use of precious and antique finishings, such as copper and natural brass, reintroduced in a luxurious and yet modern style.

The purpose of Cantori is to allow men to express the best of theirself in the habitat in which they live every day with the maximum comfort and style, same objective of Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 with its special riders and their beloved horses.

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