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Shape and colour exalted with Mosaico+ ::: 02.07.2017
Shape and colour exalted with Mosaico+

It is not a coincidence that Mosaico + has taken the path of research, study and care of materials because this is the only way to get products able to arouse emotions in the name of elegance and charm.

The technique and the innovation do the rest, applied at the highest level and able to create collections that guarantee the maximum versatility of use, in many cases designed to dialogue with each other, becoming a multifaceted abacus from which to draw to create personalized projects, destined for residential and commercial spaces.

The mosaic expresses a new creative energy, which is realized through an organized and modular freedom of composition, in line with the philosophy of Mosaico +: to offer individual materials, colours, shapes and to guide with experience the process of making a product "costum-made".

The concept of "collection", understood as a rigid container, is overcome to broaden and stimulate the compositional possibilities: all the tiles of the different product lines can be selected and recomposed on modular sheets to create mixes or custom motifs. The mosaic becomes a tool to stimulate a new creativity, available to architects and designers.

Mosaico + is part of the Mapei group, the world leader in adhesives and chemical products for construction, with which it shares the entrepreneurial experience and the technical and organizational support.

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