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Prestige, the excellence at Toscana Endurance Lifestyle ::: 11.07.2017
Prestige, the excellence at Toscana Endurance Lifestyle

Precision and passion are perfect words to describe Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 together with Prestige Italia, an excellence of the made in Italy founded in 1974, with the name of Appaloosa, thanks to the passion of the family Stocchetti-Rasia for the world of the horseback riding and for all that surround it.
 Prestige Italia is leader in the conception and in the realization of saddles, the principal meansof contact between horse and rider, with particular attention to the morphological characteristics of the different races and the needs of comfort and equilibrium of the riders applying acquired knowledges experimented on the best European hides accompanied by an accurate handicraft workmanship.
Prestige Italia is always present in the world of the equestrian disciplines near great champions that choose technique and precision. Also this year the historical company of Trissino will be partner of Toscana Endurance Lifestyle showing the love, the passion and meticulousness that they share for this marvelous discipline.

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