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Thousands people at San Rossore, Toscana Endurance Lifestyle won ::: 18.07.2017
Thousands people at San Rossore, Toscana Endurance Lifestyle won
PISA - The three days of the first round of Toscana Endurance Lifestyle, waiting for horses and riders to return to the San Rossore Racecourse for the second event from 4 to 6 August, did not betray the expectations. Indeed, in some ways the expectations have even exceeded considered the "side effects" generated by the presence of hundreds of horses and riders from the five continents.
The most striking figure is certainly that of the thousands of attendances recorded from Friday to Sunday at the racecourse and in the San Rossore Estate, loved and respected by the peaceful and orderly "invasion" of those who chose to live an absolutely environmentally friendly and direct contact with the magnificent nature. Equally significant is the relapse on the local economic background, witnessed by the "overbooking" found in hotel and restaurant activities within a radius of over 50 kilometers, bounding up to Florence with regard to five star luxury hotels.
It is therefore legitimate for the satisfaction of those who organized the event, focusing on excellence and efficiency. "What we are experiencing right now, as we are already working on the races scheduled for the first weekend of August," confesses Gianluca Laliscia, CEO and chairman of - ​​is pride at the highest level. To give them back are the hundreds of estimates and the appreciation that riders, technicians and judges from all over the world are paying us. It's a beautiful feeling I want to share with a town that supported us, a staff that has not spared herself to guarantee horses and riders the best conditions to make the most of the many volunteers who are committed to go all the way right".
The "day after" is all good for Emiliano Piccioni as well, general manager of Alfea, for whom the success of an event like the one just ended, with really exceptional numbers, is not realized by chance: "It is the fruit of an effort which saw many local insititutions and companies involved. Among these, Alfea has certainly played a primary role, but a heartfelt thanks goes to all the involved bodies, first of all the Park. From the first experience in 2014, endurance has grown a lot, becoming a worldwide event as the numbers in this edition show. Direct and indirect promotion of the truly unique territory that can be a great potential for the future as well. "
The budget is also very positive on other issues. First of all, that of protecting the health and well-being of hundreds of horses and riders in the race without forgetting the safety of the thousands of spectators and the many illustrious guests who took part in Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 thanks to the commitment of all the forces of the order coordinated with the capacity and experience of the Police Commissioner of Pisa.
Who has been to San Rossore has to return, fascinated by the beauty and charm of the San Rossore Estate, respected in every corner of the ride days and already delivered "immaculate" to the enjoyment of the citizens and the many tourists who love this fantastic lung as it is the Green Tuscany.
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