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The event in Pisa was legitimized by VOGUE ::: 20.09.2017
The event in Pisa was legitimized by VOGUE
Who does not know VOGUE?
Even if you are not a luxury fashion veteran, it's impossible never to have heard about one of the most important magazines around the world, the magazine par excellence that you do not waste your time in illustrating the novelties of the sectors it deals with but and often launches products, services or events destined to become shortly after genuine landmarks, military stones in fashion history, design, or lifestyle.
Given the premise, VOGUE comes back to talk about Endurance Lifestyle with Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 with a video reportage and a large, really special article.
A prologue for the entire Organizing Committee .... As it is said in French "The class n'est pas de l'eau", that is, the class is not water!

Here the link to the article.
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