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Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 end in style ::: 06.08.2017
Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 end in style


PISA – Daniele Massobrio-Borneo Bosana, Elisabetta Bordichini-Cassandra Fox, Lucrezia Accorroni-Ice Cool and Emanuele Fondi-Socrate del Ma are the four pairs winners of the races of the final day of the second round of Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017. It was a Sunday that did not betray the expectations of the eve, above all for what has covered the values expressed on the classic track drawn inside the Tenuta of San Rossore, with departure, intermediate arrivals and final arrivals in the welcoming location of the Racecourse of San Rossore. The races confirmed the valence of a route on which from here to the 2020 will host an European Championship (next year for junior and young riders) and three World Championships (in 2019 the iridescent tests for young riders and for young horses, in 2020 the race that will award the Absolute world title).

On a track of this genre is certainly not missed the show, as confirmed the breathtaking sprint that awarded the victory in the CEIYJ 2*: At the end of a head-to-head started at the first of 120 km of race, Lucrezia Accorroni, riding Ice Cool at the average of 18.562 km/h he beat in the sprint Niccolò Trotta on Nayf Jamal.

Thickness success, in the CEI2 * 120 km, for Daniele Massobrio on Borneo Bosana at an average of 18.867 km/h that allowed him to dig an authentic abyss between himself and the second classified, Andrea Iacchelli on Oh Carol.

Victory for detachment also in the CEI2 * ladies, which saw the success of Elisabetta Bordichini on Cassandra Fox at an average of 16.589 km/h; Behind Elisabetta, with a delay of 11 minutes, Lucrezia Bellaccini with Kaligola and 5 seconds after Patrizia Cianferoni with Nestor.

Show and obvious technical values also in the race on the shortest distance of the day. To win with a convincing showdown the CEI1 * 81 km was the absolute Italian champion 2012 and 2014 Emanuele Fondi who cut the finish line with arms raised in the saddle of Socrate del Ma at an average of 20.412 km/h. Breath suspended, instead, for the other places: Francesco Pilati and Martina Settembre were contested in the sprint the second and third place, but their horses did not pass the final veterinary visit with the result that on the podium climbed Sara Guzzoni on Mambo dei Laghi and Giovanni Porcella with Care to go.

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