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Toscana Endurance Lifestyle always protected by Kep Italia ::: 09.07.2017
Toscana Endurance Lifestyle always protected by Kep Italia

First of all at Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2017 comes the comfort and the safety of horses and riders. Also this year the very desired events in San Rossore will be "protected" by the exclusive collaboration of the historical partner Kep Italia. 
Sistemaeventi and its partner Italia Endurance Stables & Academy are pleased to renew the sinergy with Kep Italia, a company born in Grumello del Monte in 2007, that conceives and realizes "superior helmets", professional helmets projected for combining elevated technology of protection, style and elegance for the riders, selecting material treated in natural way, without any problem for the riders. 
Kep Italia is very careful to the single requests of the costumer and offers the personalization of the helmets with the colors of their own stable, with their favourite flag, with their own name, or with other personalizations that makes unmistakable an already unique helmet. 
The respect for the man, for the animals and for the environment, the details, the continuous innovation and passion mark the products of Kep Italia really "superior."

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