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Great start for the European Championship ::: 20.06.2018
Great start for the European Championship
In the last days new names have appeared on the list of participants in the FEI Meydan European Endurance Championship YJ 2018 after Great Britain has "broken the ice". In fact, three nations have registered their best riders under 21 to challenge themselves on the ridetrack of San Rossore.

Let's start with Slovakia, which will bring two young riders to Tuscany, Lucia Jun. Supekova and Michaela Supekova, 18-year-old twin sisters.

Then we have Sweden, which has a team all in pink of 5 riders, 20-year-old Amanda Cederholm, 17-year-old Svea Hallinder, 20-year-old Linda Johansson, 20-year-old Mikaela Linnér and 17-year-old Anna Remmare.

The most recent registration came from Russia who appointed two riders, Polina Cherkasova, an almost 20-year-old rider and Ivan Vorozhtsov, a 21-year-old rider.

From what emerges so far we can assume that it will be a European Championship with a prevalence of pink quotas, and certainly characterized by a great competitive spirit.

Mark the important dates on the calendar: the Nominated Entries will be closed June 26th while the Definite Entries will be closed next July 19th.

Hurry up to make your registration, we are waiting for you at Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2018 on July 26th for the FEI Meydan European Endurance Championship YJ!

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