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KEP Italia, Made in Italy excellence in San Rossore ::: 10.07.2018
KEP Italia, Made in Italy excellence in San Rossore
Toscana Endurance Lifestyle also for 2018 chooses KEP Italia as a partner, an excellent company that produces totally Made in Italy helmets, characterized by a scrupulous attention to safety, as the company's "Safety First" slogan says, winking at the same time towards the latest fashion trends. The helmets branded KEP Italia born from the sum of design, technology, raw materials and safety and that is why they represent a first choice in the market.

KEP and Toscana Endurance Lifestyle have found their meeting point in the common philosophy that puts first the wellbeing and safety of those who practice endurance, a virtuous responsibility as much as the attention to the environment, which KEP translates into the choice of materials treated in a natural and not harmful way for man, environmentally sustainable disposal and recycling of different materials and an eco-friendly work style.

The KEP Italia helmets are "superior", and it is this corporate creed dictated by passion and wisdom that binds the company to Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2018, always looking for excellence.
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