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Toscana Endurance Lifestyle is back! ::: 24.05.2016
Toscana Endurance Lifestyle is back!

A first press release was enough to bring back the international media spotlight on Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2016.

Everything is broken down. The enthusiastic press has responded with extensive articles on the return of the event that will light up the summer season of San Rossore with four scheduled dates: 23 - 24 July, 29 - 30 July, 26 - 28 August and  9-11 September. The international competitions will be of the highest level so that the TV does not miss and responds immediately with a dedicated service that will air tonight on Class Horse TV - Sky channel 221 at 20:30 and repeated also tomorrow, May 25.

The en plein is complemented by social networks, with Facebook at the forefront on that page Endurance Lifestyle has begun to introduce the seven major events scheduled for 2016 and for the next years!

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